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Cabinets Can Use a Variety of Glass Types!

Cabinets use of art glass is age-old and comes in a variety of mediums.  Foremost is the concern of the cabinet doors to hold the weight of a full beveled panel.  High quality craftsmanship of cabinets usually use a superior hinge mechanism that can support the added weight of a beveled glass insert.

If the hinges cannot hold the weight, then we lighten the panels with the use of textured glass.  This reduces the weight yet provides a medium to display your cabinet objects with an element of beauty not achieved with flat glass.
There are several types of textured glass available.  To see a list and pictures of textures on-line, click Spectrum Glass ... Stocklist and follow your interests.  Once you're ready, let us know your design idea and types of glass and we can provide you with an estimate.  Let us know how we can be of service.

For a catalog call 800-421-0518 or email us info@beveledglassworks.com.


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