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Beautiful, rich looking beveled glass doors bring elegance and charm to entryways, windows and cabinetry everywhere.  BGW's craftsmanship hand bevels each piece to perfection and assembles them with lead, zinc, or brass came.  Glue chip accents offer privacy and all panels can be triple glazed for strength, protection, and insulation. 

  To obtain a catalog by mail, please call 800-421-0518
or you can view many of our designs here on our website  by clicking the covers shown to the right. 
cover_page.jpg folding door brochur  
    Beveled Glass Catalog Bi-folding Door Brochure  
There are several choices when designing your entryway.  Go through the checklist to help define what you're looking for in an art glass door or window.
    Door Layout

System 1 System 2 System 3 System 4 System 5
1 door 2 doors 1 door
1 sidelite
1 door
2 sidelites
2 doors
2 sidelites

Transoms can be added to any door system layout.  However, it is advisable to check with BGW for advice on the best design layout within your allowable dimensions.
Rectangular Full Radius Compound Radius Custom
    Glass Options

  Full Lite
Half Lite
3/4 Lite
    Types of Art Glass    (More)

Fully Beveled
Fully Beveled-Each piece of glass is hand beveled then assembled with lead, zinc or brass came to make a panel.
Beveled & Textured
Beveled & Textured-Some of the pieces are fully beveled and others are textured (flat) glass such as antique or seedy glass.
Flat Textured
Flat Textured-Textured glass such as antique, seedy, or reed glass that is not beveled but is still assembled to together with lead came.
Stained Glass
Stained glass- Flat glass but colored in a variety of hues with some variations of textures.
Sandblasted covers three types of techniques: frosted, shadowing, and carving.   Frosted refers to a simple stencil of a design on the glass; shadowing creates a 3-D effect by shadowing the edges of the design; carving created the most elegant 3-D design by carving different depths into the glass.
Insulated can be dual or triple glazed.  In most cases triple glazed is chosen which "sandwiches" the leaded glass panel between 2 sheets of tempered glass to provide insulation and strength.
    Wood Species & Solid Doors    (More)

The craftsmanship of our doors are made of solid wood and are designed to withstand the elements of cold, warm or tropical climates.  In many instances, doors can be pre-finished and installed with elegant locksets.  Call for a color chart to view the stain choices or ask for a lockset brochure (800-421-0518) to compliment your new door system. Having everything pre-installed and pre-hung simplifies the installation saves time and money.
Paint Grade Maple Stain Grade Maple Honduran Mahogany Cherry Walnut Alder Red Oak


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