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Glass Types

Choosing the Glass Styling involves your aesthetic tastes.   Rest comfortably that there is a medium to fit every home's decor and enhance the beauty of your furnishings.

Fully Beveled

Each piece of glass is hand beveled then assembled with lead, zinc or brass came to make a panel.

Beveled & Textured

Some of the pieces are fully beveled and others are textured (flat) glass such as antique or seedy glass.

Flat Textured

Textured glass such as antique, seedy, or reed glass that is not beveled but is still assembled to together with lead came.

Stained glass

Flat glass but colored in a variety of hues with some variations of textures.


Three techniques: frosted, shadowing, and carving.   Frosted refers to a simple stencil of a design on the glass; shadowing creates a 3-D effect by shadowing the edges of the design; carving created the most elegant 3-D design by carving different depths into the glass.


Dual or triple glazed.  In most cases triple glazed is chosen which "sandwiches" the leaded glass panel between 2 sheets of tempered glass to provide insulation and strength.